Type any number or equation in the input box and get a result. The default unit will be the one selected from the drop down menu.
It is recommended that you type your units right into the input box for fastest results.

2 inches

43 square feet

You can type a question in human readable format.

how many inches fit in 14 feet

how heavy is 14 pounds

The drop down menu will only be used for numbers that dont have a unit attached to them.
If you try to change the drop down selection when all numbers have a unit assigned to them it will not change.
This is due to the fact that the input box will always override the selection from the drop down items.

Examples where drop down menu will work


14 inches + 3

Examples where drop down menu will NOT work

14 inches

14 inches + 3 feet

When entering equations you can mix different units together from the same category.

2 inches + 4 feet

12 acres + 10000 square feet